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StringFire! music - demos

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We have released two CDs!

StringFire! - Spindriftin'

StringFire! - Excited States

We recorded these "live in the studio", as opposed to being in separate rooms wearing headphones looking at each other through glass windows, in order to achieve all the energy of a live performance. Besides, it was more fun that way.

See us in person at a dance, Contact us if you can't wait until then, or you can order a physical copy or download MP3s from CD-Baby:
     Spindriftin' on CD-Baby
     Excited States on CD-Baby


Here (top left) are (shortened) samples from various gigs and house concerts:

Contras: Hughie Shorties, Spinning Tree, Dancing Bear

(Smoother)-- Oddville Cupola, Flying Home to Shelley

(Jigs)-- Jump at the Sun, Lady Elizabeth Cole, Theoretical Chemistry

Jigs: Lasses of Dunse, Blackberry Festival Footrace

Strathspeys: Earl Grey, Welcome to Hamilton House

(Live from a Scottish Ball)-- The Scallywag


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